Gallivan has the knowledge, experience, and insight to prepare and execute an effective campaign to sell your property. We have developed thousands of successful marketing plans, and are ready to put that expertise to work specifically for you!


When hiring a broker, you should choose one who works exclusively for you. Gallivan only represents sellers in transactions. We offer buyers and their brokers honesty and fair dealing, while our client’s interests remain our priority. Since we work in several states, Gallivan will partner with brokers in areas where their local knowledge and expertise will be beneficial to our client.


Pricing a property is an art, perhaps the most important step in the brokerage process. Pricing too high results in the listing becoming stagnant and requires subsequent price reductions. This drags out the process and has a negative effect on the property. Pricing too low may result in a quick sale; however, leaving money on the table may be a disservice to the seller. Using market statistics, financial data and comparable sales, we will recommend a realistic price range, along with an anticipated marketing period. We will strive to obtain the best price and terms for you in a reasonable time frame.


Finding the best buyer for your property requires exposing it to as many prospects as possible. Gallivan provides many opportunities to promote your property:

  • Your property is listed in all major online CRE venues, in addition to our website.
  • E-Brochures to our company database of investors, trusts, and known buyers of certain property types.
  • Opportunities through our strategic alliances with several national brokerage firms.
  • Signage and direct mail are just two ways Gallivan advertises your property.


“Receiverships offer an immediate solution to protect your collateral.”

The use of Court-ordered receiverships has increased dramatically during the past two years, and is expected to remain as a useful solution for lenders through 2014, when many commercial loans are maturing. Appointing a receiver when your borrower is uncooperative, means you can take control of the asset to preserve collateral value.


Gallivan, as a Court-ordered Receiver has the experience to:

  1. Secure borrower’s cash flow
  2. Give lender a better picture of the actual cash flow
  3. Insulate lender from potential liabilities
  4. Sell the entity or property
  5. Fix problems which will increase value of the entity
  6. Wind down and liquidate the assets of the business

We handle most CRE and businesses, such as manufacturing, hospitality and retail, along with all commercial properties.


“Gallivan handles every detail of property management, freeing your time for more important work!”

Gallivan provides its clients complete property services, to assist them in securing, protecting, maintaining, and managing the property. Just call us, and we will take it from there. Once your needs are determined, we are on the job, so you will have peace of mind, knowing your property is secure and maintained.


  • Assisting lenders when shutting operations
  • Secure, protect and maintain real estate
  • Provide security for protection of the premises and collateral
  • Handle recovery of assets, within the state or across the country
  • Manage income streams, leasing and tenant issues

When dealing with Gallivan you will have peace of mind knowing your property is secured and maintained, without having to pay exorbitant fees for managing your property.

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Colleen Daniels, Star Financial Bank

Gallivan Companies are always willing to provide assistance, answer questions or help problem solve issues relating to values or liquidating assets. I have used Gallivan for auctions and appraisals of equipment and inventory; and have always been extremely satisfied with the results. An aspect of their business philosophy I appreciate is if they are not the best source to use on a particular asset type they recommend who is and partner with them. I recommend Gallivan without hesitation.

Ryan Davis, Regions Bank

They took the time to explain the industry and the best methods to reach the recovery value. The borrower complimented us on Gallivan’s professionalism and knowledge.

Paula Davis, First Tennessee Bank

Gallivan exceeded my expectations for the auction and stayed within budget. I could not have been happier with the results.

Steve Yount, Babcock & Yount

Gallivan knows the business, are creative, and hard working. They are diligent about getting the best results for the clients, while at the same time being conscious of the cost and the bottom line outcome.

Matt Breeden, Champ Car Racing Series

Norm, and his company Gallivan Auctioneers, handled the auction for the assets of Champ Car. In just over 2 months, Norm and his staff were able to efficiently and professionally organize nearly 30 years and 100,000 square foot of accumulated assets into a saleable format. Further, their marketing and implementation of the auction was expertly handled, resulting in significant revenue to the company. All throughout the process Norm was very communicative and ensured that his staff was as well. If I were to be in the market for an auction company in the future, Norm would certainly be getting a call from me.

Wendy Basch, First Midwest Bank

I and my team have worked with the Gallivan team on several different auctions and appraisals from construction equipment, specialty equipment and Commercial Real Estate. I find them to be problem solvers, very knowledgeable about their industry and very willing to go the extra mile to make things work. On average, their results are better than any other company I’ve worked with. They have been very candid about what to expect and what they can deliver and is consistently responsive to our bank’s needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to liquidate assets.

John Willis, Elixir Industries

I wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed I was with the Gallivan Team. From the time I met [Matt and Norm Gallivan] till the last item was removed from our property the entire process was flawless. The fact that you guys make it look effortless is a testament to the skill level you bring to the table. Everyone on your team is a true professional and went the extra mile to make the auction a success. Thanks again for all you and the Gallivan Team did!!