You know that time is money. Auctions create the quickest turnaround for recovery than other methods. Gallivan utilizes a targeted marketing approach to attract the best buyers for your goods, which results in the highest prices obtained.

p-auctions03Effective marketing creates more buyers, and more excitement through competitive bidding, maximizing your financial return in a short period of time!


  1. Speedy process = quick turnaround
  2. Comprehensive marketing of your assets
  3. Competitive bidding
  4. Exciting atmosphere
  5. Works in good & bad economic times
  6. Buyers come prepared to buy
  7. No haggling on price
  8. No leftovers and little clean up
  9. You get funds from sale within 10 business days
  10. You know exactly when your assets will be sold


Gallivan takes pride in providing buyers and sellers with the best auction experience possible. Our product knowledge, experience, sale execution, superior marketing and online capabilities, create the best results for our clients, and a great buying experience for our customers. Gallivan outperforms most auction companies in these categories.

We know what we are selling and have over 19 years of experience conducting successful auctions to prove it. Gallivan employs industry professionals, with vast knowledge in many areas. We also have strategic alliances with experts in niche markets. We conduct thorough research on every asset type before we go to market. Our clients are assured that we will identify the right buyers, no matter how specialized the market or where the current market is, local, national or global!

Preparation for the auction makes a big difference! Little is ever discussed on this topic, which, if overlooked, can account for hundreds, or tens of thousands of dollars in lost auction sales. Many companies take shortcuts on preparation, which may save a few bucks up front. Gallivan makes certain that machinery and vehicles are prepped for sale, minor repairs made, and items are sold in the correct placement and quantities, so the highest prices can be obtained.

Gallivan has direct access to all the major marketplaces for business assets, whether it’s machinery, equipment, commercial real estate, retail or specialized industries. We are members of many leading business and marketing organizations. The investments we make in our education, training and associations ensures our sellers that their assets are promoted to the right buyers, and they receive the BEST service and results possible!


p-auctions01Because all collateral is distinctive and unique, it is necessary to have several auction types available to choose from.

In addition to traditional live auctions, we offer:

  • Online sales
  • Live on-site auction with simultaneous webcasts
  • Timed online sales
  • Inventory liquidations
  • Going Out of Business (GOB) sales
  • Private transactions

Gallivan develops tailored marketing strategies for each individual sale and the assets involved. With individual marketing plans, it allows us to designate the specific markets to target. By determining these targets, it allows us to make contact with the most qualified buyers to attend the auction and maximize your financial return.


Gallivan offers services besides the initial set up and execution of the auction event. We know that our clients require more and Gallivan is determined to do just that.

We offer an array of services that can be provided if needed:

  • Repossession
  • Equipment & Machinery Removal & Transportation
  • Storage
  • A/R Collections
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Building Security / Lockout

We want our clients to get the most for their assets. Thus, we go beyond what others do to ensure that each client has the opportunity to have the best financial return. Gallivan gives you peace of mind, knowing that your assets are secure, maintained, and in experienced hands throughout the entire auction process.

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